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                                                                 The Jungle Aid Foundation,  registered with                                                                        League of Foundation Thailand with Member                                                                      Number: 3308, is a politically neutral non-                                                                            profit organisation.  

The Jungle Aid Foundation is made up entirely of passionate and determined volunteers. They are problem-solvers, doctors, nurses and creative thinkers who want to do our part to make a difference. Their mission is to provide aid to those in less fortunate situations, for a brighter future. 

The Jungle Aid Foundation supports disadvantaged refugees and Thai families living near or in Hua Hin and helps with medical support, education costs, and access to food and water.  For people in developing communities, aid can change everything.

United with a passion for music in Hua Hin, Kim & Barry play as official voluntary musicians to raise money for charity projects of the Jungle Aid Foundation.

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